Our Story

Red Saga Seeds Showroom
Red Saga Seeds is one of the best-kept secrets in Singapore for furniture lovers who simply cannot resist a good hunt for pre-loved furnishings, one-of-a-kind collectables and antiques. Led by an experienced team with a talent for sourcing, no one understands furniture like the people behind Red Saga Seeds.
Red Saga Seeds was started by expat couple Jeremy and Stephanie Taylor who have been in Singapore for over 15 years, and know exactly how it feels to settle in a new environment. The intention is not to market their collectables at high price points, but to provide opportunities to find unique pieces sourced mainly from Southeast Asia. By making these products affordable to all, they hope to make a beautiful home accessible to everyone.
Red Saga Seeds – Furniture and Collectibles, is the place to shop for second-hand furniture in Singapore. There are many options for affordable unique both new and vintage pieces of rare collectables. 
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