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Oil Painting Of Village by Le Thanh Son



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About The Artist:
Le Thanh Son - a world-renowned artist who has established his name and position in Vietnam’s contemporary art.

Le Thanh Son was born in 1962 in Hanoi, Vietnam. He graduated from Hanoi’s College of Drama and Cinematography in 1986 and is a full time artist and is a member of the Vietnam Fine Art Association.
Son’s chosen medium of expression is oil on canvas. He uses large brush strokes and applies thick paint directly to the canvas in a bold, liberal and daring yet emotional style. It's said that Son pioneered the creation of an impressionist trend in the modern Vietnam with an unique and typical Vietnamese character. He therefore has a great influence on the younger generation of Vietnamese artists.

Le Thanh Son particularly cherishes natural scenery. He sees the charm and lyricism in every scene, either it is a picture of a village, a corner of a duckweed pond, a plain pagoda gate, a flowers’ field or an old street Hanoi in the shade of verdant trees beaming with sunlight. He is specially inspired by the Mother Nature’s marvelous change of colours through four seasons.


Condition: Pre-owned. In good condition. 

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